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Ben Lehman

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Everyone, meet Clover [Sep. 26th, 2011|03:39 pm]
Ben Lehman
Clover is (finally) available for sale or as my gift to you.

It is a game about an adventurous five year old girl and her friends and the adventures that they go on together. It is touching, sweet, challenging, intense, and nostalgic.

With Clover, I am trying out a new business model: you can pay whatever you want for the book, even ask for me to send it to you for free. There is a standard price ($8) but what you pay, if anything, is up to you.

Clover is my favorite game. I'm really happy that I'm now able to share it with you all.


From: cindifigo
2011-10-31 10:25 pm (UTC)
Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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